Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm not dead yet

People have asked why I am absent.

I have no real reason why I haven't written much this year (these last years);  I don't think I have the blog bug any longer.

Lots of changes in my life, too many to list here, but for an overview:

  • Beginning 1Sep I've been relocated to Maryland, ~157 miles from home.  My somewhat famous long-distance-commute has gotten worse.  I had plans to spend time with a friend who had a spare room, but after spending but one night there, I came home with so.much.pet.dander that my much-better-half and youngest son spent over 24 hours sneezing (friend has 2 cats, 1 dog).   Since then I've been living in hotels - so far a different one each week - Mon-Fri.  It sucks, but it could be far worse.

    On the upside, my commute now puts me back on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, at least 2x/week, meaning for now my nom de plume is once again more accurate.
  • Last month I spoke of a prospective employer making me a verbal offer, then delaying the formal offer due to upper-management.   In the proceeding weeks the story went like this:   upper-management kicked out the offer, as they indicated the hiring manager offered me too much in salary.  The hiring manager then said he needed to take time-off from work due to a death in his family, and apparently no one else picked up the task regarding hiring me.

    This meant I had to wait through Labor Day weekend for an update.  Over the next 10 days, we went back and forth with phone calls and e-mails, and that had me in Maryland 2 full weeks.   In the end, I suppose, I did myself the biggest damage by stating as my reason for leaving my current position was the Maryland relocation.   They hooked me with the initial verbal offer, then had no reason to honor it knowing I was bleeding cash by either a hellish, 6 hour round-trip commute or that I was paying for hotels.  

    The final offer was less than I had hoped, and clearly less than I gross today, but not out of the question of consideration.  Last Thursday I resigned, and agreed to stay-on through EOM.
  • The new position will not involve the PA Tpk.  Perhaps with this change will also come the end of this blog for good?
Time will tell.

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