Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting closer

Continuing the saga...

  • Was in Maryland this week, moving 90% of the office to the new development lab / office space.  It's only that much as we're supposed to support our customer (sans dev lab) during the relocation effort.  We can do it, to a point, without a lab.  Fortunately support calls are down this time year due to vacations (gee, what does that word vacation  mean?)   Got to my office at 05:45 on Monday, and the moving vans were there already.  By 08:30 we were on the road.   These guys get paid by the job, not the hour!

    One truck driver says to me We're taking Route 40, not 95   When I asked why he explained I-95 always has a weigh-station, but 40 usually doesn't in the mornings.   When I asked why he was concerned, he answered Well if we get weighed, we'll be shut-down.  OK!  Let's go!  Fortunately, there was no weigh-station, but I was sweating going down.

    I spent the morning and late afternoon at the new lab, positioning equipment and the like.   System Admins and Network engineers showed up on Tuesday, and we began reconstituting the lab.   I left around 4:00 PM and headed home (3 hour drive).  I clocked enough hours that tomorrow, Friday, I staying home.
  • During lunch Monday, I received 2 phone calls from a prospective employer.  We had spoken last week and he indicated that I should get the offer letter (per our discussion) early this week.   As I was at lunch with my colleagues, taking either call was out of the question.   I did speak with the guy and he repeated his offer, and that I should get my offer tomorrow (Wednesday), with a requested start-date of 6-September.    Now that would work for me, as I am supposed to be in Maryland beginning 1-Sep, so I can easily end my employment on 31-Aug if I got the offer letter today.

    Well today came and I phoned him, looking for the letter.  He apologized profusely and blamed upper-management being on vacation (again that word!),  so he's put me off to next week, and a start date of 12-Sep.   So we wait again.  I do understand the hurdles of management, and I've been in his shoes with people I've hired, but that does not make this any easier.
  • If you read this far, drop me a line or comment and say as much.  I wondering how much longer I can pretend to blog, and if I do hang-it-up I want to know who I should reach-out to with a personal sign-off.

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