Friday, July 08, 2011

Advice for Couples

Recently, a friend of mine started dating again.  The guy is, by all measures, a stand-up kind of guy, is good to her kid, good to her, etc.

I happened to around when they were having an inevitable spat.  Nothing serious -- it involved packing for a getaway trip -- and while it wasn't at all an angry or otherwise over-the-top debate, each clearly believed they were right and the other was wrong.

At different points of the day they individually related their debate to me.  I guess I got that effect on people -- everyone tells me stuff.  I guess they wanted my insight (while I tried to avoid taking sides).

The guy at one point turned to me in front my friend and asked how my-much-better-half and I manage all these years with arguments.  I told him the secret I learned in the over 21 years of marriage:
At various points, in every relationship, there's going to be an argument, no matter how kissy-kissy you are, it's going to happen.    And for me, it always ends the same way:  sooner or later, someone always says "I'm sorry" and then she always says "That's OK, Charlie."

Well at this point they're both laughing.  Hysterically.  And the couple hugged and agreed my advice was funny but useful.

It wasn't supposed to be funny...  that is how it works in my house!

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