Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Many people did not believe I said Congratulations to President Obama yesterday, and I imagine there are those who don't believe I wrote them here.

President Barack Obama, the Commander In Chief, deserves praise for the successful elimination of Osama Bin Laden.    Regardless that I do not care for his overall politics, Pres. Obama got the job done.                      

The intelligence that led to the assault on Bin Laden's compound started with a nugget before Mr. Obama took office.   Had he been totally hands-off prosecuting the War on Terror, there would not have been the necessary follow up, investigation, and final dispensation with Bin Laden.   Many critics have taken exception to Pres. Obama's positions since he took office - including yours, truly - when his administration refuses to use the phrase War on Terror, for example.

While all praise goes to Mr. Obama today, I hope this does not mean a reduction of the ongoing efforts against those who would do us harm.   Already, elected Democrat representatives and pundits are calling for Defense cuts - that would be a horrible mistake.

The US was vulnerable to the September 11th attacks because we didn't take the threat seriously.    Pres. Obama demonstrated the threat still exists, and needs to be exterminated.  Now is not the time to relax, indeed we have a psychological advantage with the death of Bin Laden.  

Stay strong, USA.  Stay vigilant.

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