Monday, March 14, 2011

I am glad my father-in-law died before the Wisconsin protests

My father-in-law died about 11 years ago.  He was a good man, his biggest vice in life being that he couldn’t quit smoking, and that ultimately led to his last years being painful for him and his family.

We seldom if ever discussed politics.  He was a hard-sown man, a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. I was (and remain) anything but a Democrat, so I knew to mind my place and keep politics out of discussions.

He worked in a number of jobs that had in the grocers union in NYC and Long Island  - the UFCW.  So his politics and views were easy to discern.

On one such occasion I discussed politics with him dealt with unions, and Ronald Reagan.  As you might imagine, he had little to say in absolute favor of President Reagan.   He would not disparage the man, out of respect for the office, but he thought he was a crazy actor, that he favored the rich too much, etc.

The one area he had a very specific opinion about Ronald Reagan was that PATCO union strike.   The union covering the Air Traffic Controllers at all commercial airports walked off the job.

My FIL had this to say: Ronald Reagan was wrong because he waited too long to fire them!  Their union negotiated a contract, and they were supposed to live up to their end of the deal.  They promised never to strike, and so they deserved to be fired.

He also questioned why the ATC were unionized at all, because they were (in his estimations) public servants, and no public servants should be unioninzed.

The way the union members and their thugs carried on this last month would have made my FIL sad, I believe.  Not that they should protest, but their utter disrespect for the Wisconsin capital, for their utter disrespect for their public service, and for the contempt they’ve shown.

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Yet another reason to increase my job search efforts

Remember the old H&R Block TV commercials? Long before the electronic filing era,  Henry Block (or some actor pretending to be him) appeared on the screen and gave another in an alleged series of reasons why you should have your taxes done at H&R Block.

Well tonight I learned REASON #8 (or thereabouts) why I need to find another job.

There's little secret that my job is relocating to Maryland in September, and while my much-better-half and I have kept our youngest son out of the discussions, he (an 8 year old) has heard enough to know something is coming down late in the summer.  He asked me if I was moving away because of my job.

I told him the truth:  the drive is too long (upwards of 3 hours, each way), and even though I do a 2 hour drive each way today, 3 hours back-and-forth 5 days a week would be too much.  So if I have to, I will leave Sunday night, and come home either late Thursday or first-thing Friday morning.  That would last for at least a few months, maybe more.  In the meantime, I hope to find another job, closer to home.

He understood, and then asked you like pets, right?  Well, the vet-rin-arian near the supermarket has a help-wanted sign!  You could work there!

I told him I would consider it, and that I would do my best to find a job closer to home.

And damn it, I will make it so.

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