Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

What's this?  An actual, authored post (as opposed to a re-post)?

Yes, yes it is.

I have neglected this humble blog through much of this year, and while it is regrettable, the rate of posting is not very likely to increase much in the new year.  I'll do what I can, but that's about all I can promise.

Christmas is upon us, and I hope yours is filled with peace and happiness.  I realize, all too well, that for many happiness is hard to come by, especially this year.   The office I work in is becomming depressed, with the pending closing of this facility come the summer.  At our holiday pot-luck yesterday the mood was tempered with the good fortune that we'll all be working come January, and throughout at least half of the year (under the current plan), which more than a lot of other people we know can say.

In other news, this year has been a roller coaster for many I know:  an engagement, a divorce, a new baby (er, for the record, those things happened to more than one person!), new careers beginning, existing (a/k/a old) ones ending with little warning, or in the case of a single mom I know - no warning. Nothing horribly tragic, but few exceedingly bright spots to remark about this year.
I've spent less time with this blog as I pursue social media in my real persona with the goal of marketing myself in the job market.  My goal is to select a intellectually stimulating position, with a lateral (or better) salary, possibly with a more healthy commute (anything less than 2hr drive).   With my company still not informing me of their intent to relocate me to the new offices in Maryland, I still have time to be choosy.   Should I take whatever relocation offer they make me, that will be my PLAN B.  My PLAN A will be a new position that meets my stated goals (perhaps I'll settled for 2 out 3 of those goals).  Something will break in my direction, sooner or later... getting to that point is the challenge.

Those seeking to link to my real persona will be disappointed to learn that in real life I AM BORING.  I don't discuss politics (not much, really), I keep the jokes clean,  I avoid things that are controversial.  I figure that at my age I need a social media presence, but by the same token I don't want to turn off any potential hiring manager.  I spend most of time alerting those linked to me of the latest scam affecting Facebook, or help those who have been scammed by some foolish app to clear up their profiles.  Like I said: boring!

I will repost a few of my favorite Holiday Chestnuts for your enjoyment.  I bid to you all a Merry Christmas, and a joyous and prosperous New Year!

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