Saturday, November 13, 2010

Please, better series, less reality

Delaware are you? I don't know; Alaska!

OK it's a corny joke, but you're still reading, right?

I like Sarah Palin... both as a person and a politician, which I know annoys more than a few of my readers. Fine.

There's no way in hell I am going to watch Sarah Palin's Alaska, not because I dislike her, but because the whole idea of a reality series is tiring to me. I used to like THE APPRENTICE, but that jumped the shark when it moved to LA.

I watched 3 or 4 seasons of DEADLIEST CATCH, and enjoyed them immensely but became completely bored during the lead up to Phil's funeral.  Please, how can so much time be spent - during the season and with the spin-off After The Catch on a guy who abused his health the way he did?  Yes, Phil Harris was a great fisherman, loving father.... he died, next!    

And that's the point... what's next for DC?  Women on the crew, to show how well withstand the pressure of the job?   Or someone on the main crew drowning?  The show has had a good run, now let it sail off.

What's left for knowing Sarah Palin?  I read her auto biography, she's an outdoorsman, a mother, all great things, all wonderful.    So you make a series out of her summer??  I like her, but come on!

Whatever happened to TV?

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