Monday, November 01, 2010

The beginning of the beginning

Days like this I miss my old blogging habit.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the beginning.   A new start.  A new Conservative start.  This won't end the administration of President Obama, but it will end a number of incumbent legislative careers that ought to have ended long ago.  It will mark the beginning of the end of the Obama Agenda, of the radical, left-wing ideology that has been thrusted on the nation during the Recession that began a little over 2 years ago.  

Historically, recessions end in about 18 months, give or take.    Reacting to the changes in the market, and often with some monetary or tax-cutting measures, the economy adjusts and the recovery begins.  In the last 18 months, the Obama Administration has done to cause the recession to deepen than anything to help assuage it.  

The people have seen the results, and they're not happy.

Tomorrow I fulfill my public service obligation in the general election since I was electedI suspect there will be more turn-out than in May's primary, but I am hopeful of no surprises.    One of the lessons I learned from May: bring a Box o' Joe and comfortable shoes.   And be ready to speak the Constitution to those who only think they know what they're talking about!

The tides are changing.  The talk 2 years ago was all about change.  But as many have said - including many times myself in this humble blog -  the GOP Congress and President Bush spent wantonly, largely because they believed they would win over their Democrat opponents.  In the end, the GOP lost the Congress 4 years ago and the White House 2 years later:  You cannot out-spend a Democrat and expect to hold on to your base.   Now the Democrats have spent far more than the GOP ever did, and that has angered the Right and the Middle. 

The Tea Party is neither Republican nor Democrat:  they are, however, pissed.  The A-#1 advice that all legislators should take heed: do not spend foolishly if you expect to be re-elected.    In the short term, the Obama Health Care nonsense will not be able to be overturned, I am sorry to admit.  But it can be defunded, delayed.   The new Congress would do well to pass bill after bill, daring the president to veto them.  Those bills ought to be be for spending cuts and for the Conservative initiative that will secure their 2012 future.

Less than 2 years ago, JamesCarville  -- a pundit and professional whom I hold in great respect, even though I am 100% opposite him politically -- predicted the GOP would spend 40 years as minority party; it seems this is a prediction that was flat-out wrong.   I won't suggest the Democrats will be a minority for any such length, but I will state, again, my prediction that the GOP will take 60 HOUSE seats and I am still optimistic they will take 10 SENATE seats.  That's net gain of each, mind you.

Check back Wednesday... while Washington state won't be decided by then, we'll have a good sense of how close my prediction will be by then.

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