Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just keep doing what you've been doing!

So I am just out of an all-hands meeting at work.  Naturally, whenever there's an all-hands meeting, this strip comes to mind:

Well, that strip and the fact that after the last all-hands, we were led to believe they all of us would be called to the main office individually regarding our job description and titles;  two of our team were called that afternoon, and were summarily discharged.   For the record, no one else was ever called to discuss their titles, leaving an awfully sour taste in the mouths of the survivors.

Regardless, the meeting had no such ominous requests or the like, but was just routine issues.  One of them was an item regarding weekly status reports.    It appears that several people have been forgetting to send them in on Friday, and it is becoming an issue (so we are told).   Officially, then it was announced, our annual performance reviews may be negaitively impacted if we do not take immeidate steps to get our reports in, on time.

No problem, right?

After the meeting I went into the boss office and asked about my status reports.
 He:  What about them?
Me:  What should I do about my group's weekly status reports?
 He:  Just keep do same as always, why?
Me:  My group hasn't sent you a weekly status report in 2 years. 
 He: What?  Impossible.  Who told you to stop sending them?
Imagine his surprise when I handed him the e-mail from him stating we were no required to send them anymore.

Truth be told, we do several layers of reporting, including calls received,  trouble tickets open/resolved/closed, and so forth, so it's not as if we have lack visibility.   But this guy apparently got dinged (from above) for not having reports from some other staff member(s), and decided to make a formal announcement.

Of course, I could have called him out in front of the all-hands, which would have made him look foolish in front the staff, but I decided to go quietly.  In these economic times, there's no need to piss off the boss needlessly.

Regardless, there is a definite bad vibe coming from upper management, and I have decided to become proactive in securing better employment, possibly even closer to home.  Times are hard, no doubt, but there's no reason I shouldn't start to position myself to jump on an opportunity.

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