Thursday, July 15, 2010

Casualties of war

I want to state, out the outset, that I am not blaming President Obama for the deaths of servicemen and servicewomen serving in the Afghanistan theater.   I want that to be said up-front.

According to the website  the total, combined Coalition Military Fatalities as of this writing is 1936 since 2001.  Not surprisingly, the number of casualties has gone up since Pres. Obama started ramping up pressure with his surge, an overall strategy that I have agreed with for some time.

I invite you now to go back in your memory to when President Bush was in office.   When the print and electronic media continuously broadcast the number of casualties in Iraq, in particular, and occasionally in Afghanistan as well.

When was the last time you heard the total number of casualties in either war?

In 2010, 42 military fatalities occurred in Iraq, and 368 fatalities in Afghanistan.  A total of 279 Americans died this year in our ongoing war.  Why hasn't the media found it necessary to bang their drum as incessantly as they did just a few years ago?

Pres. Obama carries no more blame for the deaths of the brave servicemen than does President George W. Bush.   But when there is an utter disregard for the sacrifices of those soldiers because the media is afraid to make a particular president look bad, they are no better than the same media that shouted the same information in order to make a particular president look bad.

Tell me again there isn't media bias.

God bless our brave soldiers.

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