Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sending condolences via social media

A buddy of mine suffered the loss of his father Sunday.  He was 82, and the death was not at all expected (i.e. no compelling health issues, was not on life support, etc.)  I haven't heard all of the details, but the obituary says he died peacefully.

I've known my buddy about 7 years; we're on good terms, but close friends would not be apt description. I have never met his father,   I do know my buddy holds/held him in high regard, and was by every definition a good man.

The newspaper obituary links to a guest book.  At last count a dozen people have posted their condolences.  This strikes me as odd, to say the least. Who would think enough of the deceased and his family to NOT send an appropriate condolence card (which, btw, I have)  but instead (or, perhaps, in addition) have posted a comment on blog?  I cannot bring myself to make such a comment... it seems so ... wrong!

Let me ask the question like this: at a wake or a viewing, do you open each sympathy card given to the family, and read what was written inside?  Neither do I, so why would I participate in a blog comment?

Am I alone?  Is this now accepted by the masses, and I am just an old fool?  Do people use social media for such a serious purpose?  Am I going to be in the seemingly minority again, as I was in my post on Randy Pausch's death?

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