Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick Hits

Some call it Friday Fragments (as in Half-Passed Kissin' Time), but I have long preferred Quick Hits (mostly because I can post them any day):

  • Business travel has sure changed!! I used to travel as much as 80% on business, but nothing like this ever happened: A friend of ours is expecting her first child in August.  She was on travel to business meeting and my 7 year old son happened to asked where she was.  I explained to him she was on a business trip to which he pointed a finger and said Right.... the baby!    I told him if she came back from Chicago with a baby in her arms we'll all be surprised!

  • Congressman attacks Student: I am opposed to all forms of gotcha journalism, regardless of who is in power.  I am even more opposed to physical confrontations.   Big Government links to a video of a couple of college students asking Democrat Congressman Bod Etheridge (D-NC2) if he supported President Obama's agenda:

    I don't believe asking a member of Congress for their position on the agenda of the president meets the definition of gotcha journalism but I do believe a certain amount of courtesy should be afforded our representatives. Case in point: were I the student in question here, after asking the Rep twice to release my hand, I would have either taken him down (softly) with a leg sweep or thrown a left jab to his face (anyone else would not have been given 2 chances by me).

    What it comes down to is this: Representative Etheridge and others are now feeling the pressure of backing far-Left policies, and are witnessing their less-than-positive effects on the economy. Congressman Etheridge's biggest worry is that voters in North Carolina will be asking Who are you? after he is ousted in the November elections.
  •  Schoolhouse Crock: Teachers Stage Protest at Ceremony of Students Enlisting in the Military  The teacher and school administration admit Mary Beth Verani, the teacher in question, speaks openly about her political positions.  Tell me how long any teacher would last if a Conservative view was expressed.    In the end, as I have said repeatedly, we all have a right to free speech, no matter how outlandish or ridiculous.  However, the results of that speech from others (not the state) - whether good or bad - cannot be escaped.   I would welcome an opportunity to debate this teacher - somehow I wonder if she would be willing to face an adult, since she's seems to prefer challenging the thoughts of children.
  • Telephone line, give me some time, I'm living in twilight... As some have heard me whining complaining, my smartphone has turned ill.   My 3 year old Samsung SGH-i607, a/k/a BlackJack, stopped synchronizing with my home PC Thursday night.   After determining it wasn't my PC nor my cable, I deduced it was either the phone hardware or OS (Windows Mobile 5).  

    Unwilling to crack the case - and noticing how careful I have been to not already have cracks in the case after 4 years -- I decided to execute a hard-restart to bring the unit back to the state it was in when I purchased it, figuring it would allow me to synchronize once again.  

    Well, it booted up with a 1-Jan-06 date, but it still was oblivious to my desktop.  Conclusion?  I am not better off, and in fact am worse off, since I no longer have my calendar or contacts.  So now I have to decide which of the following choices is the least unfavorable: s
    • settle for something less than a SmartPhone
    • buy a smartphone outright to avoid having to pay for a data plan
    • settle for a data plan on a device that will likely have WiFi, thus costing me far more per month than it ought to.
  • Lots of changes around the office....  while I had thought I was safe through 2014, I am now inclined to think I may be let go by the end of FY;  time to crank my personal branding into high-gear.
  • Tonight President Obama will address the nation in regards to the Gulf Oil spill (spill? leak? whatever).  I am certainly not the first to suggest this, but Pres. Obama has handled this issue in the same ways he criticized President Bush's handling of Katrina.  The big difference?   The federal government could do nothing for New Orleans until the Louisiana governor declared an emergency (on this fact there is no dispute).  As the BP disaster occurred in federal waters, there was no such need for state authorization.  In fact, Mr. Obama turned down offers of assistance from both foreign and domestic sources.  Politics has certainly taken first place over the needs of the Gulf Coast and its people... no spin can undo the damage caused by the mismanagement and delays of the Obama Administration.
  • THIS JUST IN:  Aspirin And Bottle Of Bourbon A Day Reduces Awareness Of Heart Attack http://onion.com/dr7pi3 (h/t The Onion)
Here's hoping I can post more than once-per-month!

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