Monday, May 17, 2010

Odds and Ends

  • I have so neglected this blog, I can't account for the 20 or so hits that keep coming daily (on average). Guess my old content is still relevant in search engines.
  • Was at a kid's baseball game yesterday: to the 30-something mom who was desperately trying to educate me about a topic that was very important to only yourself (apparently): if you're going to wear white jeans, you shouldn't wear bright pink panties. If you do, you really ought to make certain the fly on your jeans is up.
    • On a similar note, what is the protocol in such a situations? Do I tell a complete stranger her fly is down? I mean guy-to-guy is something I consider appropriate, but guy-to-gal is something I have never given any thought.
    • Similarly, there were plenty of other moms present; how could I be the only one to notice the color contrast? Isn't there some gal's code that covers telling another when her fly is open?
  • On Saturday morning, roughly 06:45, I was at a coffee stand buying (heh) coffee. While adding some cream to my cup the following transpired with a completely different gal:
    She: Is there any milk or cream for the coffee?
    Me: There's half-and-half, 2%, whole and soy milk.
    She: Oh, I can't drink any soy milk!
    Me: Well it's best you don't then.
    She: It goes right through me!
    Me: Uh-huh.
    She: I mean my entire day gets ruined if I were to drink any.
    Me: Pardon me, but have I done anything specific to inspire these revelations??

    She laughed, and was not in any way put off by my question. She had continued to explain her situation when I wished her good luck and left her at the counter.
  • US Attorney General Eric Holder at first publicly announced he was considering filing suit against Arizona's new Immigration Law Enforcement law, or the grounds it was a racist law. President Obama had similar words of admonishment, which have been echoed by many who state even the president thinks its a racist law. AG Holder later admitted he never read the law. As I have read the 12 page law, and can attest is does nothing more than enforce the federal immigration laws, one can assume President Obama has yet to read the law, even as he's criticized it. So as a someone who is hardly even considered to be an armchair jurist, can I assume I am a better lawyer than either President Obama or AG Holder?
  • Locally, I attended JAMBO 100 at Kutztown University over the weekend. The bi-annual event was ramped even more in honor of BSAs 100th year. Do to my commitments with the baseball league, I had to split my time at JAMBO, but a great time was had by all (including some 7000 Cub Scouts, Boys Scouts and Venturers). Here's to BSA and it's next 100 years!!
  • Pennsylvania Primary Day tomorrow: If I had to make picks, I'd say it's all but certain Sen Arlen Specter -- the long-time-Republican-turned-Democrat-last-year is about to go down in flames. That's as much due to his party switch as is the anti-incumbency tone across the country. There are many other primary races in the Commonwealth, most of which will be the vanguard of the predicted Democrat rout in November. Let me get it out there right now: as I have said during the Bush Administration mid-term elections: the results of the mid-terms often go in favor of the minority party/party out-of-power, so that is a given. However when considering the distaste America has for the high unemployment rates, runaway spending, and assaults on our freedoms, I predict quite a blowout this November. Count on it.

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