Friday, March 12, 2010

Runaway Toyotas == 2010 Balloon Boy

It didn't sound right to me last month, and the case against Toyota is getting harder to believe each day:


It got far more dramatic, though. The California Highway Patrol responded and "To get the runaway car to stop, they actually had to put their patrol car in front of the Prius and step on the brakes." During over 20 harrowing minutes, according to NBC's report, Sikes "did everything he could to try to slow down that Prius." Others said, "Radio traffic indicated the driver was unable to turn off the engine or shift the car into neutral."
In fact, almost none of this was true. Virtually every aspect of Sikes's story as told to reporters makes no sense. His claim that he'd tried to yank up the accelerator could be falsified, with his help, in half a minute. And now we even have an explanation for why he'd pull such a stunt, beyond the all-American desire to have 15 minutes of fame (recall the "Balloon Boy Hoax" from October) and the aching need to be perceived as a victim.
Read the entire piece and tell me you don't suspect Toyota is being framed.

  • Toyota has kicked US auto manufactures asses for years.
  • Toyota plants in the US are built in states which don't require the stringent union contracts like in Michigan
  • The US Government, with the enthusiastic consent of the auto-workers union, owns a huge piece of GM and Chrysler because of the bailout.
  • The media is still in love-fest mode for the Obama Administration; why else has investigative reporting all but absent from this story??

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