Sunday, March 07, 2010

Heath Care Reform - utter gall!

I watched in amazement at Madame Secretary of Health & Human Services Kathleen Sebelius spin an artful tale about one of those who might be helped by the Senate's bill:

Let me get this straight... either Secretary Sebelius meant to say $30,000 a year in health insurance costs or she's very much ignorant about the topic at hand. Regardless, unless this man is doing very well in his consulting company, does the Medicaid in his state not help his family (as well it ought to!)?

The point is, I am not trying to suggest this lad should be left for dead, nor condemned to something less than he has already. Far from it; odds, are however, the boy is getting the required and necessary care (one can only assume he is, as he's a soccer player) -- without a comprehensive health care reform bill.

Do the Medicare/Medicaid programs need revising?  Probably; after all, each year more and more doctors elect not to take Medicare patients, so that is very telling, indeed. 

But is that cause to revamp everyone's health insurance?  Hardly.

Kill the bill. 

Kill it now.

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