Friday, March 19, 2010

Effects of Health Care Reform already being felt

  • Item 1: Mayo Clinic in Arizona to stop treating Medicare patients
  • Item 2: Walgreen's Pharmacies in Washington state to stop accepting Medicare for new prescriptions
  • Item 3: My kid's pediatrician announced they are no longer accepting Medicaid 

The much-touted Health Care Reform Bill is nowhere near being signed into law, and yet acceptance of Medicare/Medicaid is already becoming scarce.

Tell me something: assuming the current HCR gets passed -- and while I am more optimistic that it won't pass, let's pretend it does -- what happens if my company decides Gee, it would be cheaper for our shareholders if we simply pay the penalty and drop our coverage for the employees?

Or what happens if I lose my job?

What do I do if my kid's doctors won't take Medicaid?

The short answer: I will do whatever I must to provide for my family, and that includes going to whatever lengths necessary to prevent my kids from suffering under the Medicare/Medicaid system.   And by whatever lengths necessary: I mean I know where I can sell blood/plasma for money. 

This bill, in it's current state, it's unconstitutional (the federal government cannot mandate people buy coverage).  It is appearing aconstitutional, in that there is a very good chance the House is trying to pass a bill not by votes but by deeming that the bill has been voted upon.

This entire initiative must be stopped.  Now.   Kill the bill!

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