Thursday, February 18, 2010

The older I get the more stupid I feel...

The older I get the more stupid I feel
I don't know what's going on
Tired of trying to be strong
When I should be crying

The further I go the less distance I see
Leave behind another home
The harder I try the less people I please
The older I get the more lucid I feel
Let it go and let it come

Tired of trying to belong
When I could be flying

Sometimes lyrics strike chords in our psyches in ways that are hard to describe.  These words by Joe Jackson (listen to the song here), in particular the first line, capture my thoughts.  And with them I return from my self-imposed 2 month hiatus.

Now I know what some of you are thinking: older?  That means his birthday is now, or it has been in the last 2 months!  Sorry, that's not the case (but now you've got only 9 months left to guess).      A few long-time readers have kindly inquired where I've been and have welcomed me back to the online world - their concern was thoughtful, and appreciated.   Nothing terrible or exciting caused me to keep away, but it did keep me away.   I entertained thoughts of abandoning the blog altogether.   

That day may come, but it's not today.

So with that said, welcome back, readers, to Nobody asked me, but....   I know I want to post again, but I intend to post more thoughtful (and hopefully thought provoking) pieces.  A return to quality over quantity.   And, goodness knows, this template could use some refreshing, too!

Your comments, of course, are welcomed as always.

Tired of trying to belong
When I could be flying

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