Friday, December 04, 2009

J.Giels Band and 6 year olds

After having survived more than one music conversation with my oldest son (see here and here), it was time for the younger son to enter the fray:

Last night my 6 year old son was singing the chorus to a song he heard on the radio yesterday by that '80s favorite, :

Na-Na-NaNaNa My angel is in my cell-phone...

In one of those rarest of moments, I was at a complete loss for words.

Do I correct him..... no, then the next logical questionis the meaning of centerfold (and I've already avoided that chat with his brother once before).  

For those too young to remember 1981, or for those who want to be reminded, here's the video of the tune that's a staple on soft-rock radio today (doesn't Peter Wolf, the band and most of the girls look bored?  This was still the early days of music-video, for pete's sake)

Knowing that if I said anything, he'd likely go on to repeat the chorus ad infintum, I decided to bite my tounge and move on.

I'm getting too old for the sort of stuff..
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