Monday, November 30, 2009

Quick Hits

Here then, after a length absense, is the return of Quick Hits:

  • Cops Shot: I was saddened when I heard the news of the 4 police officers executed in a coffee shop yesterday.   Sadder still at how the first 6 people into my office had no clue what I was speaking about this morning - inspite of the headlines and radio news stories saying the police had the suspect's home surrounded (do any of my colleagues follow the news besides Tiger Woods?).  That the alleged monster who did this won clemency makes me wonder if we, overall, give free-passes too often to violent criminals.

    There will always be people who think it is OK to shoot at anyone, even police officers.  That this act was so brazen, so unprovoked (as if any assault on a law officer could be considered provoked) makes one even more frightened at the prospects of tigheter gun controls.

  • Cyber Monday:  Come on, now: how can anyone seriously still consider this day - the first, full work day after Thanksgiving, as a major point in the shopping cycle?  Ten years ago, there were few people who met the following criteria necessary to make CyberMonday happen:

    1. people who had home PCs
    2. who would put up with the comparatively slow dial-up speeds of the day

    Fast forward to today: given the now-common practices of shopping online from home, mixed with the astounding unemployment rate over 10%, it seems to me that tracking the phenomona is as practical as tracking those who still use Christmas Club passbook accounts at their local banks (yes, youngin's there used to be passbooks for savings accounts).  Time to move on.
    • Health Care Bills:  The good news on this issue is that the Senate is only now beginning debate.  That means it is extremely likely (but not absolute) that no health care bill will be passed by the Senate this year.   And the longer it takes, the better the odds are that there will be no health care legislation passed at all.   One has only to look at the recent government recommendations curbing prostate and breast cancer screenings (after decades of just the opposite) as early indications of the kinds of rationing on the horizon should a we lose the ability to choose our own health insurance.   And there's ample evidence to show the kinds of health insurance choices we have today will evaporate should a federal mandate come down from Capital Hill.     I've said it before and will say it again: I'll do whatever 2nd, 3rd or even 4th job I have to in order to prevent my kids from falling prey to a national health care system.
      • Tiger Woods What can I say? His Cadillac Escolade backed into a fire hydrant before going forward into a tree. No air bag deployment. Questions:

        1. Where can you go at 02:30 in that part of Florida? In NYC there a half-a-million things you can do at a quater to three (thank you Huey Lewis); in that part of Florida there's the Waffle House.
        2. Airbags didn't deploy: either he wasn't yet going fast, or he has a hefty lawsuit to GM.
        3.  If the airbags didn't deploy, why did his wife need to take a golf club to the back window - surly the door frames couldn't have been bent!
        4. He went to hospital at around 03:00, and wasn't released for 15 hours.  If you or I go to our local ECU (ER), we're in the waiting room for a time before being seen.  Tiger Woods, on the other hand, probably didn't wait long.  If the injuries were so minor, why was he there so long?

        In the big picture, I can't really care any less about Mr. Woods and his woes. There are far too many more important things to deal with. However, this story won't go away anytime soon, and may well be the threshold of the end of his career.

      Christmas is coming soon... stay tuned for my annual reposts of holiday favs.

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