Monday, November 02, 2009

Election 2009: So far, so good

I write this post the night before the 2009 off-year election, expressing my gut feeling about the prospects.

The results of tomorrow's election, short of a landslide for Democrat ticket, sets the stage for 2010 mid-terms.  Let me be clear: there will be Democrat victory in several races; there's no doubt.   I will predict some upsets, however.

Now I am not talking about Virginia;  last week the NY TIMES featured a story of President Obama's administration talking trash about Creigh Deeds chances being spoiled, because he didn't follow the Administration's lead.   That's a done deal: Robert McDonnell is the next governor, to be sure.

While the Administration will also suggest they weren't running with NJ Governor Jon Corzine, signs like this make it hard to swallow:

My prediction: New Jersey tax payers will reject the wealthy Jon Corzine and elect Chris Christie, whose record as Attorney General US Attorney speaks volumes compared to what little Mr. Corzine has accomplished in regards to regarding his state's tendency for corruption.

NY-23:  Ah, I love upstate New York.  Dede Scozzafava did a big favor to all registered Republians everywhere (and registered Conservatives in NYS -- I used to be one of them!) - she demonstrated what a liar she really was.  Tell me now: what level-headed Moderate in NY-23 who was on the fence betweeen Ms Scozzafava and Conservative Doug Hoffman would look at Democrat Bill Owens and think he's the next best choice?   Long time Republican and Conservative Newt Gingrich shot himself in the foot over endorsing Ms. Scozzafava; other than her rating by the NRA, she wasn't a very good Republican, let alone Conservative.  I've written a lot how disillusioned I had become in Mr. Gingrich a few years ago, and this has certainly hurt his cred with me even more.

Mr. Hoffman will win handily.

Of course, these are only predictions, and are based on the idea of fair electioneering and voting.   If you add into the equation the New Black Panther party,  SEIU, and ACORN, that can tip the scales quite a bit.

Still, I am optimistic that tomorrow's election will be the first volley in turning around the radical, Liberal agenda of President Obama.  And hopefully scare enough Blue Dogs to kill the horrible health-care bill.   If that bill can be delayed past Thanksgiving recess, it will surely be dead in 2010 (with the mid-terms on the horizon).   Stopping the Socialized Medicine onslaught is my priority, and I am doing as very much as I can (in my real persona) to ensure my family isn't subjected to that misery.

Here's hoping the 2,000 page nightmare begins to die of its own weight, starting tomorrow!

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