Thursday, October 08, 2009

Evidence of how state-run healthcare costs everyone more

A lot of people asked why I wasn't actively supporting Mitt Romney for president.  Gov. Romney's conservative stances are very clear, and his track record speaks for itself with one glaring exception:

Massachusetts health care.   The model that is held out at what the health care reform winding its way through Congress could be.  And that's what scared me then, and scares me now. has a post regarding how one notable Liberal Wendy Burton, a former speechwriter for President Obama and Senator John Edwards, found that her premiums more than doubled simply because she moved from Washington, D.C. to Massachusetts:

Button has to pay a whopping 144% increase in premiums over her costs in DC, not exactly a city known for its low cost of living in the first place.  In order to provide coverage with all of the mandates Massachusetts imposes, health insurers had to more than double premiums to meet the costs.

Nor is this the only such example of economic disaster that government-mandated coverage generates.  Earlier this summer, we looked at Maines DirigoChoice, an Orwellian term for a program full of mandates on individuals and insurers.  The combination resulted in premiums over 300% more expensive than in neighboring New Hampshire, and in an operating deficit so large that it no longer can accept all of the applications by uninsured Maine residents.
So before we all embrace this health care reform nonsense, take a good look at where it's been tried, and see for yourself the downside to such government intrusion.

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