Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Say NO to the current Health Care proposals

Readers fo this blog aren't surprised to learn I am opposed to the proposed national health-care bills in Congress.

Let me state, once again, that I opposed to any national health-care program.  There are not 47 million uninsured people in America.   Remove the illegal immigrants, the 20-somethings that don't buy-in to health insurance because they're-young-and-indestructible (many of us were the same way at that age), and the people who are lacking insurance as they migrate to new jobs.   That leaves some 12 million people who are eligible Medicare and are very likely under-served.

So we're supposed to up-end the entire health-care system that the vast majority of Americans enjoy, because the Medicare system needs help.  

Explain that to me.

Here's my pledge: I will never allow my kids to be solely subjected to a national health-care program.  I'll do whatever side-jobs necessary, do without whatever for myself, in order to pay for private insurance/private health-care.

THAT is how frightened I am of the president's proposals.

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