Wednesday, September 09, 2009

President Obama's speech to school kids

Now that the dust has settled...

President Obama's speech to school kids went off quite well yesterday.   Many criticize the parents who were concerned about the president might say.  I was one of those parents.

My kids didn't listen to the speech live; they had other school sessions at the time when it was live.  As important as it is to hear from the president, there was no need to interrupt their schedule.   My kids are very involved in their schooling -- the 13 year old is an honors student, and the 6 year old is as excited about 1st grade as one can expect.

Which is why the overall nature of the speech, while important, was not essential for them to hear at a designated time.   The fact remains, however, that the original lesson plans put forth by the US Dept of Education painted a far different idea of what Mr. Obama's speech would be about when the idea was first announced.

It was that initial lesson plan that drew the ire of so many parents.   That the national media largely ignored those lesson plans and instead focused on some proponents of the Obama Administration who insulted those parents is yet another case of media bias.      The same media complained that President George H. Bush  ('Bush 41') also gave a speech to school kids, but the media often failed to mention the congressional hearings that followed;  yet again, more bias.

The 13 year old agreed with the President's speech.  The 6 year old tried to look interested, but was lost to much of the speech.  Can't say I blame him, at that age. 

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