Friday, August 21, 2009

Wearing white before Labor Day is OK, but...

I know; it's been a while.  I have fallen behind in my posting.

No one who knows me would ever assume I am fashion authority.   My much-better-half still speaks of her disdain when she learned, some 20 years ago, my wardrobe consisted in a number of blue, white, and white-with-blue pinstriped shirts.   That's all fine by me, and little has changed (much to the chagrin, again, to my MBH).  Fast forward to today, when I observed what may be considered a fashion faux pas, which led to an uncomfortable encounter. 

I am at a FedEx drop site;  my kid's cyber school is upgrading their equipment, so I am completing the RMA process to send back the older devices.   There's a few folk ahead of me in the office, so I am waiting in line. The temperature today was in the upper 80's, and it was quite humid.   I'd be a liar if I suggested I was listening to my better angels, but clearly my mind, and eyes, wandered to the person standing in front of me.    A tall woman, fairly rubenesque, stood in front of me, and what most notably struck me was her choice of white slacks.

Again, I am hardly a fashion expert, but even I know the tendency to wear white in the summer temperatures, and this woman clearly understood this, as hers were probably made of linen. 

What struck me odd, however, was her decision to wear a purple thong.  Now understand: I did not, in any way, go to any extraordinary effort other than to stand about 18" behind this woman, and I was very able to make this observation.    She did not bend over, her slacks weren't below her hips, and her top was tastefully meeting the top of her slacks, so this observation wasn't by any unusual methods.

This wasn't the big awkward moment, however.   A few moments later, as I took a call on my cell phone, the woman standing in front of me turned around and said Hey Charlie, how are you?

The woman who made what perhaps can be considered an unfortunate choice in her wardrobe was a former coworker of mine.   So I ditched the call and made small talk, agreeing to get together soon, amid the incredible awkwardness of the all-too-obvious - how can I say this delicately? - clashing of colors

There's never a dull moment...

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