Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Welcome fans of MoneyGirl

A big welcome to fans of Laura Adams, the QuickAndDiryTips financial advisor who goes by the name Money Girl.

I've been a fan of Money Girl for some time now; she offers practical financial advice while not talking down to her audience.  I've adopted more than a few of tips into my own routine, and am working my way through  her considerable archive (125 episodes and counting) to learn what ones I've missed.  Recent topics include:

  • Five Financial Tips for New Graduates
  • Paying Off Student Loans
  • Preventing Identity Theft
Ms. Adams graciously plugged my humble blog this week after I added her widget (seen in the right panel), and so I appreciate the traffic from her considerable fans (why not say hello in a comment?).   I listen to her Money Girl weekly podcasts via, which streams my favorite subscriptions to my cell phone for free.   There's a wide variety of shows available (including other QuickAndDiryTips authors) which make my 2 hour commute that much easier to bear. 

Subscribe to MoneyGirl through iTunes, your favorite Feed Reader, or through; you won't be disappointed.

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