Monday, June 01, 2009

Susan Boyle

Well, I am trying to get back into posting, and have had a post on Ms. Boyle for some weeks now in drafts, but  have never quite finished it.  Today seems as good as any day to do so.

lost in the final round of .

If you haven't a clue who she is, I can't help you at this point; you're more out of the mainstream than even myself.

In the interest of full disclosure: I've never seen anything more of BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT than Ms. Boyle's initial performance.  I've never seen anything of AMERICA'S GOT TALENT or even AMERICAN IDOL for that matter.   If this means I am disqualified to review Ms. Boyle's performance, than so be it.  Find something else to read.

The entire concept of 'Got Talent' shows - be it Britain's or America's - sounds good on its face, but hopelessly fails upon review.  How can a dancer be compared to a singer be compared to a plate-spinner be compared to a comedian be compared to .... etc?   The premise of one genre act winning over another genre act is a silly one.   's did it right (although I can't recall ever watching that show either), with categories of winners. 

As for whether she was unfairly overlooked because of her looks:  it's possible, but under the circumstances, how could one claim that when the comparison was her apples (singing) to a dance troupe's oranges?

When I looked at her photos, I had a diverse view: also in the interest of full disclosure, Ms. Boyle's got nothing on me.  I make no bones about the fact I am hardly an attractive man, by any stretch, so I can understand more than most how difficult it can be under many circumstances (but certainly not all) to compete with those who are attractive.    And in the looks department, I got Ms. Boyle beat (and I mean that as a compliment to her).    But at the same time, compared to what passes as attractive in women's music - and we all know what I mean - she is at a disadvantage.  Should that mean she should have won had she been young, thin and glamorous?   Perhaps, but then again, perhaps not since the dance troupe kicked-ass.

In the end, all things considered, this whole issue has been overblown - much to the delight of Rupert Murdoch - and is not worth the time I took to type this post.  If you like her voice (and she has a great range), then buy her CD;  you know she's got a contract even though she lost the big prize.    If not, don't.

But can we please stop obsessing over these programs?

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