Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Replacing AVANTGO

Last week I was in complaint-mode because I learned was going dark.   Long before web-enabled phones were the norm, AvantGo provided PDAs and certain smart-phones the ability to update content - not unlike a feed reader - whenever the device was docked (or if you did happen to have a data plan).   For years, my smart-phone (and Pocket PC before it) provided me reading material for idle times -- waiting on a meeting to begin, watching data compile, etc.

But as of 30 June, AvantGo will be no more.  Actually, it is a good as dead now, since most of the content providers I subscribed to have already abandoned the platform.   So I've been in search of a suitable substitute.

Most of what I found out there require a data plan for updates.  That's just not in my budget, especially now (although I've never found justification for one previously). Mobipocket, however, does provide updates via ActiveSync, which means whenever I sync my Outlook contacts and appointments, my reading material gets updated, too.   So far, the actual reading panes are not quite as nice as AvantGo's offerings, but I am getting used to them.  I am looking into using Mobipocket's Creator tool to convert PDFs into readable files on my phone, too.

Check it out: Mobipocket.com

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