Monday, June 22, 2009

Changes coming

Some interesting news in recent days....
  • Continental Pilot dies while in air: The Continental Airlines pilot who died on a trans-Atlantic flight from Belgium to the U.S. was in "perfect health" and fellow crew members initially thought he had just fallen asleep...,  Begging your pardon, am I the only one who wonders how often pilots are likely to fall asleep at the stick??   This reminds me of an old joke: when I die, I want to go like my grandfather: peacefully in his sleep.  Not like his passengers...
  • There are jokes abound regarding the Iranian elections (including those that state the some 16 million votes were actually cast for Pat Buchanan).   Still, the leader of the free world is steps behind the leaders of France and Germany in rhetoric.  No one is suggesting military action in Iran, but our posturing in Washington, D.C. is interpreted as weakness, and that weakness is being amplified again and again.
  • ABC News has pretty much given up any pretense to being non-biased with the upcoming airing of the health care special.  Just imagine: had President Bush offered to hold such an important meeting on FOX NEWS.   Had the 3 broadcast networks been invited to participate, I would have less to say about the matter, but clearly there is no longer any attempt for the major media to appear unbiased.   How far has our nation's free press fallen...
I have been wrestling with various issues in recent months, and many of them intersect with my humble blog.
A lot of changes are in the air.   I mentioned this a year ago and it is even more true today.  While my job remains largely static (and expects to be so through 2013), I have done little to advance my own cause in education;  clearly, that is very wrong in this economy (and my age/status in life). 
In spite of the grand efforts by many, and the paltry ones of myself, this move towards Socialized medicine is gaining speed.  Some say it won't make it through Congress, others are are convinced it will.  I, for one, am scared to death it will.  I said over and over: I will work as many jobs as I must, sacrifice anything and everything, in order to prevent my family from relying on any so-called universal health-care, and I meant it.    This matter is far too important for me not to be taking a greater role in campaigning against it.   It is high time I take a more visible stand against this gathering storm.
In recent months my postings have fallen off the pace set in previous years.   This trend will likely increase....  as much I as enjoy reading issues of politics, pop/odd culture, and commenting on them ... as much as I enjoy visiting other blogger's sites, I know I can't keep that pace and do the things I have to do.    So if I don't visit your blog much, if I don't post here too often, do not think it is because I've given up.  I have a lot of fight in me, and I now have to better direct those energies to where I can affect the most changes.
I'll be around... just not so often.

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