Wednesday, June 03, 2009

AVANTGO on the way out?

I've used AVANTGO for years;  first on my Compaq iPaq PocketPC, and currently on my Samsung SGH-i607 (the original BlackJack).   It's largely geared to those who subscribe to a data plan to get real-time updates (for instance: instant flight information), but I've taken advantage of subscribing to a number of sites that offer reading material.  Many an idle moment has been saved from boredom (like waiting for appointments, dead air in meetings, etc.) by my reading articles posted to WIRED, CNET news, Cato Daily Commentary, and even Rolling Stone.  Updates to these sites are provided whenever I dock my phone at my PC and sync up to Avantgo.

After this morning's sync, I noticed a banner with unfortunate news:

 From June 30, 2009, AvantGo will no longer offer mobile Web content.
Subscribers will not be able to sync their AvantGo accounts or update channels.
Now word of a company going bust is hardly news, but there has been no mention of this (yet) that I can find online.  And it seems odd that a company not going under would suspend their primary function.

Does anyone have any clues?


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