Friday, June 12, 2009

All those who don't suspect the son is responsible for his mom's death...

...raise your hand:

Son charged in fiery death
A 26-year-old former Slatington man told police he had just put his ailing mother to bed and wanted her cat to join her, so he reached behind the bed and flicked a lighter to see if the cat was back there.

The cat never appeared, so Chad Matthew Lever went downstairs to look elsewhere. Before Lever reached the bottom step, his mother, Lisa House, began yelling.

The mattress had caught fire.

After repeated attempts to get his mother, who suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease, out of her burning bedroom, Lever was overcome by smoke. Lisa House, 47, died in the February fire at 424 W. Washington St., Slatington.

OK, I don't particularly like cats (hey, show me one that fetches and I'll reconsider), even though we have one.  That much said, I would never think to use a lighter to attract a cat!

During interviews with Detectives Lou Tallarico and Michael Millan with the district attorney's Homicide Task Force, Lever said he had played the lighter trick with the cat in the past. Normally, the cat would be scared by the flicker of the lighter and jump onto the bed, joining his mother, he told the detectives. 
What astounds me most is that this guy was arraigned this week after the February fire. Over 3 months to get an indictment on this story?

He said that after hearing his mother yell, he ran upstairs and noticed smoke coming from the side of the bed where he had been flicking the lighter. With his mother still in the bed, he pulled it away from the wall and saw a small flame on the side of the mattress.

Lever said he went into the bathroom, grabbed a dry towel to try and put it out, but couldn't and the fire began to spread.

He said he leaned his mother against the headboard and ran to the basement to grab a fire extinguisher. After unsuccessfully trying to operate the extinguisher, he called 911
Yeah, I can see how that would happen.   Leave an invalid in a burning bed, and grab a dry towel.  Why do I imagine this guy gets acquitted on a technicality??

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