Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quick Hits

From an apparent cloud of noise comes Quick Hits: the fast points on various topics, or double-your-money-back!

  • may lose crown: Speaking as a guy who happens to know which end of the handsome scale he sits on, I have no interest at all in beauty pageants (other than, perhaps, the objectification of women who voluntarily wear bikinis in high-heels).  That much said, there is a palpable hate being shown Ms. Prejean simply because she voiced her opinion. Whether you agree with her or not, it is certainly interesting to witness the masses gathering with their pitchforks, arguing whether or not the gal deserves her crown - as if her crown is worthy of such attention.

    But instead of expressing so much outrage at a 20-something who, in all due respect, has little influence outside of the or   audience (unless she happened to win, in which case you can possibly influence - gasp - the audience), why is it a few seem to pay any attention to a person who can have a distinct influence on society?  As Becky succinctly said:
    If we have reached a point in the development of our society, where a beauty pageant contestant is disqualified for believing that marriage should be restricted to a union between a man and a woman, then shouldn't the President of the United States get the same treatment?
    Certainly food for thought. Read more.
  • Wanda Sykes: By now you've all read/heard what was said Saturday night.  Ask Rush Limbaugh to describe himself, and you'll find he has no trouble being called an entertainer.   Should Mr. Limbaugh, in the guise of being an comedian - or an entertainer - suggest that Ms. Sykes should be afflicted with a life-threatening illness (as opposed to, say, George Carlin, praying "God, give Barry Manilow a boil on his ass!"), I think we'd all be surprised if Mr. Limbaugh wasn't hounded off the air and his career otherwise ruined.

    Ms. Sykes is certainly entitled to her opinion, and she ought to be able to speak her mind through her art wherever she wants.  However, this venue, in particular, should be considered where such acrid comments were made.
    What we've been seeing around this country is this constant ratcheting up of a coarsening of the culture that all of have to think about."

    [A]s a culture, we really have to do some soul-searching to think about what kind of toxic information are we feeding our kids."
    Should President Obama have openly laughed at Ms. Sykes jokes is a matter worthy of discussion, especially in light of the above words he spoke about another comedian's humor.

    By the way: I know people who have struggled to overcome addictions (and it is a daily struggle) who are very troubled by the use of such a topic in the guise of humor.   Yet, apparently, it was fine to be laughed at by one and all.   Tell me again: which political party is most often associated with being mean-spirited?
  •  Health care industry promised to cut $2 trillion in costs over 10 years  It's deja vu all over again - Yogi Bera (happy 84th birthday, incidentally) 
    Reacting to the Obama administration’s health care event, former-President Jimmy Carter aide and Brookings Institution health economist Henry Aaron told the New York Times: “I had a Rip van Winkle moment, as if I had fallen asleep in 1977 and woke up again this morning.” And just as with the Carter administration, don’t expect these health care savings to ever actually materialize. Former director of the Congressional Budget Office Robert Reischauer told the Washington Post: “It would be difficult to wring 1.5 percentage points out of this list of proposals.” Boston University health policy professor Alan Sager was even less kind, calling the Obama event, “An unrivaled set of abstractions and posturing.”
    Read more at The Foundry
  • Thanks for the kind inquiries.. I am still here.  I am pleased to report work is well, unlike many others I am aware, and while that is a good thing, it has severely impacted my blogging time.   I will be restructuring a lot of my personal time in the near future in the hopes of providing me some actual down-time where I might start blogging once again.  Do keep an eye on my shared items list for links to articles I find that are worthy of review.


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