Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Creeping Socialism takes one on the chin

For those who fear creeping Socialism (and rightfully so), there is some bright news:

  • ITEM: NEW CALIFORNIA TAX REVOLT - An angry electorate soundly defeated a slate of budget measures that would raise state taxes. Voters instead their representatives do some spending cuts. How is their vote any different from lsat month's ? Who says you can't win running on a tax cut agenda?
  • ITEM: SENATE VOTES TO BLOCK FUNDS FOR GITMO CLOSURE: Despite the illustrious leadership of Majority Leader Harry Reid (heh-heh.... I'm sorry, I can't keep from laughing at that line... I crack myself up sometimes), plan to let the terrorists come to the US mainland have been denied. These thugs are not entitled to our Bill of Rights, nor are they covered by the Geneva Convention (read why here). Who says a minority in Congress (the GOP) can't have an impact? Clearly, this was a bipartisan decision... will it be framed that way in the press I wonder?
There is sane reasoning remaining in this country. If we can only derail the plans for socialized medicine and prevent the outright theft of Government General Motors from private ownership, we may survive this onslaught of madness.

In all seriousness, I kid when I said I laughed at 's competetence. Can you imagine how loudly our enemies must be laughing at 's agenda?

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