Friday, April 24, 2009

On living together

So last night I was having a late dinner... Taekwondo workout ran until 8pm, and afterwards I needed to hit a supermarket, etc, so I was eating long after the rest of the family. But my 6 year old son kept me company during my meal.

During our chat he laid out some future plans he's been making:

He: Dad, when I grow up - you know, and be an adult like you - can I still live here?
Me: I don't see why not!
I said this knowing that he's likely to change his mind more than once in the next 12-15 years, but so be it.

He: Good! Then it will be you and mommy, and me and my wife!
Me: Um, OK. But what about your (older) brother?
He: Oh, he won't want to live here when he grows up.
Silly me! I wonder if he knows that yet?
Just then the cat wandered by and meowed, obviously interested in my steak.

He: Yes, Tigger, you can still live here, too. But you better be nice to the dog I'm going to have!
Hey, at least I know he's thinking ahead! Although the cat is pretty old now, already, so I am not so sure he'll be in the picture in another dozen years. And it seems this has been on his mind a lot lately, as my much-better-half told me he asked the same opening question to her last week, although he left out the plans for his bride.

Now to break the news to my older son...

In the interest of full disclosure: this was originally posted on Thursday, 23-Apr. I have added this addendum and altered the date of the post to today, Friday, 24-Apr., so as to include in the FATHERHOOD FRIDAY at Dad-Blogs. Yeah, it's sort of cheating, but the heady days of my cranking out 2-3 post per day seem to be OBE.

With that in mind, this then is my inaugural FF post.

FatherhoodFriday @ Dad-Blogs

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