Monday, March 09, 2009

Stem Cell Debate rolls on

A lot of news today on President Obama and Stem Cell research.  So much was the glee over his decision, even the alleged serious news outlet made a rather large mistake in their attempt to criticize .

On today's CBS Early Show, anchor Julie Chen read Reversing course. lifts the ban on research today.

People who been following this issue (like me) and anyone who has bothered to read below the fold on any news story knows that President Bush never banned stem cell research. 

Let me repeat that: Bush never banned stem cell research.

Oh I know dozens of people who have called me a liar to my face, saying I was too stupid to understand the issue (obviously, these people didn't know me very well), saying Bush had banned the research.   The few times I managed to get my turn at speaking (I spoke, they usually screached), when I was able to say that President Bush banned federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, I was generally told So?

If people ever took the time to study the issue, they'd know how foolish their thinking was.

So be it.  President Obama reversed President Bush's ban on the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.   Time will tell, of course, what will happen now that the funding faucet has been opened (as if we don't have enough expenses in our current budget).  Of course, history has shown that - worldwide - much more in the way of medical discoveries has been made from adult stem cells than from embryonic stem cells.  How much more?  Try 73 cures to none.    And if there was just one cure, don't you think that would have been used as drum beat since Bush signed his executive order?  Of course it would have.

This issue is far from settled; and much more study needs to be done on the morals and ethics surrounding the issue (see my previous discussion here).  Today's decision by the President was not a sound one ethically or fiscally.

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