Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can of bread?

I've seen this product in a few supermarkets in PA, but can find no one who has ever tried it:

Canned bread?

It looks good, but in a can?

Have you ever tried it?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

George Weber

I have been far behind in my blog posting, but I have been wanting to write this all week.

If you listen at all to talk radio, or if you're in/around the NYC, Philly, Allentown areas, you know by now of the murder of ABC News caster George Weber.  I've written about George in the last year or so (in connection with the return of Don Imus).

George was the morning anchor on WABC/77AM in NYC for years, a regular on the Curtis & Kubie Morning Show.   He was displaced without cause when the owners of WABC made a decision to bring Don Imus on board;  while I have been a 30 year fan of Imus, I was saddened to learn of the collateral cost involved.

George was a familiar voice, and a good on-air personality.    His reputation of being an affable, giving person is well known.  After the cancellation of C&K, he landed a job with the ABC Radio Network to broadcast the hourly news on weekends for national syndication.     NY Police were called to his apartment on Sunday when he failed to show up for work for the 2nd day in a row.  George was found stabbed to death (grisly details can be found at the NY Post, etc.)  News comes today that the police have not only made an arrest but have a confession in his murder.   

Such a waste, such a shame.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Oh Danny Boy" like you may have never heard it sung before

Tell me honestly if this doesn't bring a tear to your eye!

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Stem Cell Debate rolls on

A lot of news today on President Obama and Stem Cell research.  So much was the glee over his decision, even the alleged serious news outlet made a rather large mistake in their attempt to criticize .

On today's CBS Early Show, anchor Julie Chen read Reversing course. lifts the ban on research today.

People who been following this issue (like me) and anyone who has bothered to read below the fold on any news story knows that President Bush never banned stem cell research. 

Let me repeat that: Bush never banned stem cell research.

Oh I know dozens of people who have called me a liar to my face, saying I was too stupid to understand the issue (obviously, these people didn't know me very well), saying Bush had banned the research.   The few times I managed to get my turn at speaking (I spoke, they usually screached), when I was able to say that President Bush banned federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, I was generally told So?

If people ever took the time to study the issue, they'd know how foolish their thinking was.

So be it.  President Obama reversed President Bush's ban on the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.   Time will tell, of course, what will happen now that the funding faucet has been opened (as if we don't have enough expenses in our current budget).  Of course, history has shown that - worldwide - much more in the way of medical discoveries has been made from adult stem cells than from embryonic stem cells.  How much more?  Try 73 cures to none.    And if there was just one cure, don't you think that would have been used as drum beat since Bush signed his executive order?  Of course it would have.

This issue is far from settled; and much more study needs to be done on the morals and ethics surrounding the issue (see my previous discussion here).  Today's decision by the President was not a sound one ethically or fiscally.

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Force a debate on Wikipedia

NewsBusters reports some historical revision at Wikipedia:

users have scrubbed all references to homegrown terrorist William Ayers and the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright from Barack Obama's entry at the online encyclopedia.

Apparently, any information posted about Ayers or Wright in the text of the Obama biography is not only immediately taken down, but the offending user is banned for three days.
I am the first one to caution relying on Wikipedia for any serious research (I tend to limit my reliance on the site for all matters above researching a Seinfeld episode). Working in the Boy Scouts, I know of several high school students who have been told it is perfectly acceptable to use Wikipedia as a jump-off point in their research papers. That is, finding information that is sourced, and following to the that source to obtain reference material for their papers (one student told me he had to reference the original, sourced item; another told me he was permitted to referenced Wikipedia by itself).

That students are allowed to use Wikipedia is fine, if it at least provides a balanced view of the subject matter.

I think everyone reading this post should immediately go to Wikipedia, search President Obama's page, and edit it accordingly. Be accurate, cite a specific, creditble reference for all entries made, and be dignified about it. Enter the discussion, if you have the time.  Sooner or later, if enough people edit the piece appropriately, someone in the Wiki hirearchy has to take notice. 

That is, if they have any standards of fairness.

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The most ethical and open congress in history

“Why don’t you mind your goddamned business?” -

Sounds to me the gent questioning Rep. Rangle was minding his own business, don't you think?

UPDATE: Michell Malkin has a clip from an Illinois voter being greated by his local Representative in the Chicago way we've heard all about.  “Get the f**k out of my office!”

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

A long journey

In the interest of full-disclosure, I am providing the following post with hesitation.  You would be hard-pressed to find many posts that are remotely braggadocios in the 7 years of archives.  This would be one of them.

At 6:30 Friday night, I drove to my do jang (Karate school), where I've studied taekwondo for about 5-1/2 years.  The facility is routinely opened Monday through Thursdays, but tonight was a special event, held no more than once per year.

At 7:00 the doors were locked.   They wouldn't be unlocked until the next morning: the Black Belt test had begun.

Several students, ranging in age from 12 to 40-somethings, were invited to test for their Belts.  One 14 year old was there to test for his 2nd Black Belt, the rest for 1st Black Belt (in popular culture, the common parlance is that a martial arts student has a 1st degree black belt or some other degree; the Korean term would 1st Dan, 2nd Dan, etc).

I cannot go into details about the test, largely because the precise details are to be held in confidence among the students (admittedly, I may have already disclosed enough to have some enterprising student figure out who I am).      Suffice it to say it was a hard test, one that wore out everyone (including yours truly, the oldest student).  We were allowed to bed down for the night around 1:00, and were up at 5:30.   Every bit of our training - which would have to be at a minimum of 3 years - was tested.  Limited rest-time was provided in between the various drills, making it a test of how well we could think/react/perform under physical and mental stress.

Around 10:30 Saturday morning, I limped out (literally) with the rest of the students, knowing we had met the challenge.    In a few weeks time, I expect to receive a certificate indicating that the Black Belt presented to me is recognized world-wide.

The World Taekwondo Federation recently altered the requirements for the next step, 2nd Dan.    Originally, there was to be a minimum of 2 years between the 1st and 2nd Dans; now, a 1st Dan can test for a 2nd Dan with 120 hours of training in 12 months.   

While it has been said that earning a 1st Dan Black Belt is not the end of a journey, but rather the beginning, there's likely not going to be a 2nd Dan in my near future.  I cannot see being able to average 10 hours per month in the next year.   Conceivably, I could test for it in 2011, so there's hope.    Already, I have begun to study my next Poomse (Kumegang).

My 13 year old son began training with me some 5-1/2 years ago; he dropped out and back in again several times over the years. I kept up the training, hoping to encourage him to return after each of his breaks. I am hoping now that my earning a Black Belt will spur him on to meet - or perhaps exceed - my achievement. He expects to test for his 4th Gup this month, so he could even test for his 1st Dan in 2010. You know I'll be pulling for him.

However, something that I said in this very blog would never likely happen, in fact has: I have earned a Black Belt.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

This is Your Nest Egg on Obama

Ironically, this was sent to me by a guy who is not-so-bothered by the coming Socialism.

Pay close attention to the sage words spoken at 1:47. Heed them well!

h/t The Real Revo

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