Monday, February 02, 2009

The immodest, inconsistent, and rude President

In a needlessly sugary piece, NBC's Matt Lauer interviews President Obama before the Super Bowl.

Points to be noted:

  • "People think I'm cool."  While that is, um, admirable (?), and I happen to work with more than a few who share that opinion, exactly when did it become necessary for the leader of the free world to be cool?
  • "I want to make sure [Republican] ideas are incorporated."  That's an admirable goal.  Yet you do not support the House GOP (and the 11 House Democrats) who voted against the House bill in no small part because the GOP's idea weren't incorporated.
  • I know more than a few women who supported President Obama's election and are now livid that he needlessly drew even more attention to Jessica Simpson's photo on a magazine.  The entire interview is below, but jump to 10:15 if you wish to save time.

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