Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Downside to social media

There is a downside to all the social media available today.

I have a Facebook account that is in my real name.  To date I have but about a dozen friends comprised in a big way by cousins, nieces, nephews and assorted in-law types.   I have a few contacts who work for the same corporation as I do, but nowhere near the same location.  And I have but a few people who are, in real life, friends, none of whom I've seen in over a dozen years, so it's nice to stay in touch with them.  So perhaps I am not using FB to its potential, but let's face it: I don't have time to tend this blog as much as I used to, either.

Last week, a guy whose name I barely recognized friended me (I do hate that invented term) .  He reminded me we went to high school together, which was good because I couldn't place him. Out of courtesy, I accepted his friending, and since then he's sent me no less than 3 messages which included referencing his favorite musician of all time, a so-what-have-you-been-doing-since-high-school note, and so on.   The guy, as I recalled, was a nice guy, but we're talking almost 30 years ago.  Odds are, if we haven't spoken in 30 years, a whole lot has gone on since high school, and in no way can I recap it all in an e-mail.

I do not wish to be mean to the guy, and I realize he's being friendly, but please: sending me a YouTube clip of Keith Richards is so ... so... high school, you know what I mean?    But, of course, I've accepted his friending, so I can't very well blow him off completly, either.

Oh well, I suppose I should suck it up and rock on....

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