Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There's no 'I' in team, but there is one in 'WINNER'

At a meeting that ran far-too-long, a colleague says Remember there is no "I" in team to which I replied Yes, but there is an 'I' in WINNER!

Well, it's true!

And so ended the meeting, not a moment too soon, and on a laugh which was the one high-point in another wasted exercise of business.

I have all but neglected this humble blog of late, and to those who ping me on whether I am alive or not, etc. I apologize.  Between my essential work duties (other than the nonsense mentioned above), personal obligations, and the occasional need for sleep, I haven't had the time to read much, and have had even less time to say anything.  I haven't even said much at all about ''.  So this will sort of be a quick hits post, the first for 2009:

  • 24 I am loving the new season.  So far, 4 hours are done - spread out over 2, 2-hr blocks on Sunday and Monday night - and the writers haven't lost their edge. On Monday morning I shared with a few buddies my prediction that Tony - who was presumed dead in Season 5 - wasn't really a traitor.  I was proven correct in hour 3 ... but now I have my doubts.   That was almost too easy. Look for Tony to double-double-cross Jack before we get to May.  I'm just saying.
  • The end of an era.... In a week, President George W. Bush will leave office.  I have long been a supporter of his, but I have had more than a few policy disagreements with him.  I intend to recap those in the next few days.
  • ...the beginning of new era: President-elect Barack H. Obama will enter office.   I have more than a few times written what I fear his administration will mean to the taxpayers, the nation, and the world as a whole.  I have notice some positive points in his cabinet choices, lest anyone think I am all about slamming him entirely, and I will remark upon governing and speak truth to power as I've always have done in the coming Administration.
  • Counting down: I alluded to a more than one count-down in the works, while counting down to Sunday's season premiere of 24.  As I have briefly suggested, I am working towards testing for BlackBelt in Taekwondo.   The test will be in the Spring, and it promises to be quite a challenge.  I have decided not to be specific as to when the test will be given, but I am likely to post about it afterwards, at least in summary: the details of the test are not to be shared with anyone. It is part of the code surrounding reaching 1st Dan, although I have read a fair amount about what is expected from other students in other do jangs (schools) (and believe me: what they've written is nothing compared to what is expected of me in our test). 


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