Thursday, January 22, 2009

President Barack Obama

Such a busy week; the Martin Luther King Holiday made Tuesday into a Virtual Monday, on top of which I spent much of the day streaming the Inaugural ceremonies.  On Wednesday I was busy commenting on various blogs and discussions where people who wrote nice things about the departing former President Bush took hits from the same fools that called him every conceivable name under the sun (tell me again: which party supporters are the so-called mean-spirited ones?)

I had wanted to post something in honor of President Obama, so I am drawing on a previous post and one of the aforementioned discussion to do so:

As I said in November:

To my critics, both online and those whom I debate in person (and in my office, I am generally in the minority), there is your proof,  I was told numerous times in recent months that it would kill me to utter/write the words , and unless I keel over after clicking PUBLISH, those critics can see I am still alive.

In this humble blog of mine 4 years ago, I wrote of how people who were severely disappointed in the re-election of President Bush, of how the election was so close, President Bush should see things from the close minority of voters point of view.   With the returns suggesting Sen. McCain lost by about 5% of the popular vote, will there be calls to President-elect Obama to govern in that manner?  I think not, and nor should he.  He won, and his charge now is to deliver on his promises.   And unlike so, so many on the Left, while I do not support any of his policy positions, President Obama will be my President, as he is every Americans president.  I will fight him with every breath on any position I disagree with, I will call him out when he is wrong (as I have with President Bush), but I won't disrespect the office or the man.
And in response to the those who thought Jennifer's eloquently worded post on President Bush was wrong, I wrote the following:
I welcome President Barack Obama {as our nation's President}; he, too, is my President, although it’s easy to predict there will be little I will agree with him on policy.

Here’s to new beginnings; may President Obama never experience even half of the troubles President Bush has experienced.

While the Obama Administration has already enacted policy worth of criticism, I will wait another day before I begin to voice my opinions.

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