Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quick Hits

Having  posted so very little new content of late, it's time for another installment of Quick Hits:

  • (D-Il) - OK, so this is an old story already.   First off, while there's every reason to assume the tapes mentioned in the indictment are true, there's no reason to be certain that he will be convicted.   Even if we allow for every tape and and ever incriminating statement makes it to trial, this is Chicago we're talking about.  That being said, this will have a negative impact on 's administration; I am not suggesting it will take him down, but it is already causing his team to spend a lot of cycles to deflect the blast.  And since there's already a cloud due to 's statement that Mr. Obama had met with the governor about his successor contradicting the President-elects own claim he never met with the governor, this isn't a dead issue.   The worse-case-scenario for President Obama, I believe, is that this issue will be a constant gnat throughout much of his first year in office.   By the beginning of 2010, all eyes will begin to focus on the House elections, which could forestall Mr. Obama's more Liberal policies.   I can only hope!
  • In a Tweet I suggested the best possible successor for Mr. Obama's seat - one that could be (likely) certain was free from Gov. Blagojevich's corruption - would be most any GOP'er.    Alex Charyna ran with my idea, with a very interesting suggestion.
  • My office has officially eliminated the working from home option.  For much of the last 4 years I've enjoyed an undocumented perk of working from home, on average, one day per week.   That privilege was suspended in June (just before $4/gal gas!) and was completely shot-down on Monday.  The number of reasons I have to stay at this job are beginning to dwindle.   Oh sure, I was ready to walk out the door in July, at the $4/gal prices when I was prevented from working at home, wherein I was virtually losing money every day I came to work (net/net that is).  Now I realize: there are a lot of people hurting a lot more than I am by losing this perk.  Still, it affects me and the topic of me is what much of this blog is about.    Twice a year - in January and July - I revise my curricula vita (that's résumé for those under 30), whether I am looking for a job or not.   This year may be different...  I may shop it around to see whats-what in the market.  You never know.
  • HEY you lazy bastard, what about them push-ups?  Over this summer I participated in a one-hundred push-up challenge at the encouragement of Derek Semmler. In September, so the story went, I was expected to be able to churn out 100 proper push-ups in a sequential fashion (not in any specific time frame, like 60 seconds, but not with any breaks either).      In a post I made recounting the prior weeks accomplishment, I noted that I had failed to hit the prescribed number of push-ups, and that I would consider redoing the final two weeks of the 6 week program.   As is all too common with me, inertia set in and I never revisited the program.      At the  height of my training, I was able to routinely hit about 45 consecutive push-ups (tripod stance, on fists).  By the end of the six-week program, however, I was having trouble breaking 35, so I clearly lost my motivation.  Well I am girding myself to revisit the program again, and will invite any and all comers to visit one hundred push-ups and join me. I will retake the initial test and start the 6 week program next week. Unlike Derek's generosity, I am unable to offer any swag to others who join me in this quest, but hey! I'll say some nice words about you if you do!   (and for those thinking 100 push-ups is an incredible amount, I am regularly grinding out 3 sets of 35 inclined push-ups as part of my TKD training.... so I ought to be able to reach the 100 goal).

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