Monday, December 01, 2008

The more things CHANGE ... you know the rest...

We're now certain who the nominees for key positions in 's administration will be, including an Economic and National Security team that is straight out of the pages of 's cabinet.

So it begs the question: where's the change?  Does anyone really believe a President 's administration would look dramatically different?   We were told by Candidate Obama that things would be done differently under his watch, but so far we're getting more of the same, even with the nomination of to head Defense, in a roll where his positions on the Surge and - indeed - Iraq itself would likely be counter to Mr. Obama's.  

So either Mr. Obama is desiring heated debates in his Cabinet, or he's going to backtrack on a lot of the core positions of his campaign. 

In my office, when I raise these points to a couple of the die-hard Obama fans - ones who never supported Sen. Clinton - their response is short, cold, it doesn't matter, almost as if they're dismayed at these choices.

I have to wonder how long the honeymoon Mr. Obama rightly deserves will last.... and I am not speaking of his critics, but of his supporters.   It is looking more and more likely that he'll abandon more and more of his campaign pledges - not unlike I and others predicted - and shape his administration and policy in ways that will surprise even some of his stauncher supporters.  It may be surprised at how hard it will be to believe in the kinds of change President Obama brings to the table. 

And believe me: I genuinely fear my predictions will come true.

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