Monday, December 22, 2008

How many System Engineers does it take to open a door?

Scene: Front door of my office, Monday 06:35

I arrive to find two colleagues standing in the freezing weather, frustrated. Our door has a cipher lock on it: a rectangular box sits atop of the steel doorknob, wherein 5 numbered buttons are lined up vertically. Punch in the correct code, turn the knob, you're in.

Remember this weekend's weather. Typically, the metal buttons freeze, requiring a pair of pliers from my tool box to grip and push in, pull out. I stand there with my briefcase and coffee, and tell the two I will get my pliers.

Guy1: It's not the buttons, it's the knob that's frozen. What should we do?
I was trying to decided whether to tell this doofus to sit in his warm car instead of obviously freezing. Instead I stood little more than 3' from the door, stared at the knob for a half of a second, and landed a front kick square on the knob.
Me: Try it now.
Guy2: Hey it works, and he didn't even spill his coffee!
Guy1: Can you teach me that?

Yeah... I work with some brilliant guys.

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