Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President Barack Obama

To my critics, both online and those whom I debate in person (and in my office, I am generally in the minority), there is your proof,  I was told numerous times in recent months that it would kill me to utter/write the words , and unless I keel over after clicking PUBLISH, those critics can see I am still alive.

failed to inspire the masses, and the result is obvious.  won cleanly, in-spite of the various abuses by the New Black Panther Party and others, and the Democrats expanded their control of Congress, though not to the 60 seat Senate majority they had coveted.   To the victor goes the spoils, but I am reflective of the discussions that occurred after prior elections.

Remember, for 8 years now there's been visceral and tangible hate towards .  The accusations of his stupidity, the liking him to a chimp, the personal assaults that had nothing to do with policy.  The bumper stickers proclaiming he's not my presidentI wonder where those people are today; are they at all respective to Sen. McCain for the campaign he ran, or are they still mocking him for even attempting to run?

In my own humble blog 4 years ago, I wrote of how people who were severely disappointed in the re-election of President Bush, of how the election was so close, President Bush should see things from the close minority of voters point of view.   With the early returns suggesting Sen. McCain lost by about 5% of the popular vote, will there be calls to President-elect Obama to govern in that manner?  I think not, and nor should he.  He won, and his charge now is to deliver on his promises.   And unlike so, so many on the Left, while I do not support any of his policy positions, President Obama will be my President, as he is every Americans president.  I will fight him with every breath on any position I disagree with, I will call him out when he is wrong (as I have with President Bush), but I won't disrespect the office or the man.

All is not lost, however, for those who support the Republican party.   While I've outlined my fears and concerns should we have a President Obama, even I am not despondent.   There is ample reason to hope he will not deliver on his promises.

As Becky so correctly detailed, Mr. Obama promised to use public financing of his campaign, and he reneged.  He promised not to vote for an extension of the Patriot Act, but then did so. He vowed to filibuster the ; not only did he not filibuster it, he actually voted for it.   He said he liked to repeal the , but did nothing to do so.  He even spoke (briefly) against , and while he could have added his considerable influence towards defeating the bill, he didn't.

Even the esteemed President Clinton went back on his promise of the middle-class tax cut

In short, President-elect Obama has a history (and historical precedence) of being nothing more than a Democratic panderer, saying anything to get elected.   If this is the kind of change we can believe in, it shouldn't be long to see that writing on the wall.  As Becky so succinctly used the lyrics of The Who: meet the new boss --- same as the old boss.

As a Conservative, I can only hope for nothing less.

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