Saturday, November 08, 2008

Is this the CHANGE people expected?

In my house, there's often a discussion of politics with my Much-Better-Half (and, for the record, we don't always agree), and I would submit adults discussing politics is not unusual in households, even with kids.  So it's no shock that my oldest, now 13, has had some political discussions with his peers.

What struck him odd, however,  was that when his friends and peers asked who he supported in the Presidential elections, almost all them called him a racist because he didn't support Sen. Obama.

He didn't mind people disagreeing with him, he just couldn't understand why they'd used such hateful words when no one he knows who supported Sen. McCain ever did.

I know many of the kid's parents - not as friends but we get along - and while some of them are known to me as Obama supporters, none of them expressed the racist comments to me.   I recognize a lot kids who may have ignored the whole election would root for President elect Obama or boo Sen. McCain now that they know who won the election, but it was a shame some of the kids my son called friends would use such hate speech.   While some may just said what they did to be cool, some might actually believe it so, possibly getting their views from the dinner table.   And for a moment it made me wonder what their parents truly think of me, too.

As it occurred to me I seldom, if ever, give a rip what other think/say about me, my son told me he was debating whether anyone who accused him of being a racist is worth having as a friend.

Looks like I was the one who got a life lesson from a 13 year old.

So to all my readers, many of whom have blogs that I read - and who supported Sen. Obama: if you think I am a racist for not having supported Sen. Obama's campaign, speak up.  Somehow, I doubt you really want someone you think a racist reading your work.

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