Saturday, November 08, 2008

"5 Things" meme

It's been so long since I did a meme, I realized today that I deleted the MEME tag on my posts.  A big reason I haven't done one in so long is that a fellow blogger, the A Typical Female Gina, has been totally silent for more than a year, and considerably quiet for some time before that (anyone who knows her whereabouts, please advise).

UPDATE: Shows you how well I pay attention; I thought it was a "5 things" meme that asked what I was doing 5 years ago! See updates below:

Derek Semmler, the man who inspired me to tackle those 100 push-ups (no, I never did reach the mark, but am working my way towards the goal ....long after the initial 6 week pledge), tagged me.  Regardless that Derek and I do not see eye-to-eye, he is still a stand-up guy.   So without further ado:

5 Things I Was Doing 10 5 Years Ago

  • Sleeping even less than I do now (presently averaging 5 hrs/night)
  • Working at a job that had me leaving home at 04:00 for a 2 hr commute in the hopes of something better coming along (I was laid off the following summer!)
  • Starting my TKD training
  • Holding weekly Cub Scout Den Meetings as Den Leader
  • Starting an adventure too private to detail here  (I know: that's vague.  Deal with it)
5 Things I Was Doing 10 Years Ago
  • Sleeping even less than I do now (presently averaging 5 hrs/night)
  • Ended a weekend job in a hospital IT group that I held for about 3 years
  • Conducted training on a Defense Logistics program, on average, 25 hrs/week, 30 weeks/year
  • Thought I was so busy, I couldn't do anything else; compared to today, I had it easy in '98
  • Can't think of a #5....

  • 5 Things on My To-Do List Today
    • Collect food with Boy Scouts SCOUTING FOR FOOD drive to support local food bank (check!)
    • Write at least one blog post (check!)
    • Review my life insurance coverage
    • Review open enrollment for next year's employment benefits
    • Clean gutters (maybe tomorrow...)
    5 Snacks I Like
    • Handful LOTS of almonds   (Derek wrote 'handful of', but I buy them in the bulk aisle, generally a pound at a time, and once I open the bag I have trouble stopping)
    • Popcorn (oil or air popped preferred)
    • Cheerios (I leave a box in the car for when I get hungry on my commute)
    • Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger (still about $1-1.30)
    • Potato Chips
    5 Things I Would Do If I Was A Millionaire
    • Pay off my mortgage
    • Pay off debt
    • Take of family/friends
    • Start a Ronald McDonald House
    • Charity
    • Shelter the rest from President Obama's confiscatory tax scheme (you knew I would!)
    5 Places I Have Lived (for various lengths of time)
    • Queens, NY (1 mile from where Shea Stadium used to stand)
    • Queens, NY (from about age 12 or 13)
    • Queens, NY (apartment)
    • Northeast Pennsylvania (current residence, 17 years and counting)
    5 Jobs I Have Had
    • 'Page' at Queensboro Public Library (shelved books)
    • Local Savings Bank - Teller/Head Teller/Internal Audit
    • Senior Associate at a mutlicurrency financial application VAR
    • Systems Engineer for defense contractor
    • mind-numbing, paper pushing job for a defense contractor
    • Systems Engineer for defense contractor - same Project, different company (current position)
    5 People I Tag We'll start with the three who admit they follow my blog: Add on:

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