Wednesday, October 01, 2008

VP Debate: watch for the bias from the allegedly neutral moderator

There are few people - if any - who can honestly claim to have no bias in their political opinions.  Certainly, we are led to believe, those in professional journalism are supposed to be above the fray - at lease ostensibly.

So can it be that the moderator of the lone Vice Presidential debate, - senior correspondent for The NewsHour With and the moderator of Washington Week - has written a book that praises ? How can anyone with that much bias be presumed to have no preference in moderating the debate?

We already know that Ms. Ifill is unable to separate fact from fiction; it seems whenever the topic of talk-radio comes along, she can be frequently heard repeating an unproven allegation against . From over 10 years ago. So how can we expect her bias not to shine through?

Case in point: would Liberals complain if the moderator had written a book favoring ?  (That's a rhetorical question; we all know the answer)

Regardless, will do very well against in tomorrow's debate.  While the media seems captivated on every syllable she utters, while completing ignoring the massive flubs by Sen. Biden, the anticipated number of viewers watching the debate will allow the voters of this nation a great chance to learn more about both candidates, and their conclusions will be easy to predict.

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