Monday, October 20, 2008

Hit and run

Hit and run describes how I've been with my humble blog this last year.  Every time I get a routine for posting in place, life interrupts.

Most recently, the motherboard on my trusty/rusty home PC bought it.   What complicated matters was that I rely on the home PC - even at work - to do personal work, including most postings via remote desktop.

Now I could have bought a new PC, arguably on credit, but I have to look ahead towards the holiday season.   Sue, a good friend (and daily reader of this blog), put me in touch with her husband who helped me to secure a motherboard and case for surviving hard drive, and he went far out of his way to help rebuild my system entirely.  A funny thing happened on the way to restoring the box, however...

After reassembling the components, we booted the system and were presented with Microsoft's request to reactivate my copy of Windows XP.   Typing in the 25 digit licence number from the sticker on the side of the old case did not work.   Following the screen prompts, we tried to get help from online, and then called Microsoft.   Then Dell.

Long story much shorter:  After a 2 minute on-hold wait with Microsoft, followed by a 71 minute on-hold wait with Dell, it was determined that since I was no longer using the same Dell motherboard my license came with it, I could not use the original license for Windows.  Who knew Dell binds the motherboard/CPU to Windows?   Dell suggested they could either find me a replacement motherboard (their estimate $250) or I could buy a copy of XP for about $100 if - and this important - if I could find one at a retailer.

For the amount of sweat and toil already put in, plus the nearly 6 weeks without my own PC at home, we found that BestBuy had a copy of XP Home for $100, and the system booted up fine.  All my original data was intact, and things are running again for me, tech wise.  My hat is off to Kevin (and Sue) for inexpensively bailing me out of a jam.

Whereas I have always had moments of feast/famine throughout the workday with regards to having time to read/write blogs, the amount of free time has become increasingly fleeting of late.    And for whatever reason, I have to wonder whether the fire to blog, at all, has burned itself out in me.

It may be a seasonal thing.  A year ago I took a month off, expressing that I may have lost the urge to post.  Looking at the running count of posts to date this year, compared to last, I am not far from being on track to meet the same number as 2007 (however I am far and away off from 2004's high).    Other bloggers I've followed have disappeared as well, so again I wonder whether those of us who have been at it for a number of years have all decided it's time to move on.

Time will tell.

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