Thursday, October 09, 2008

From bad to worse (nothing tragic, I promise)

This evening I sparred against a few students, in particular a woman of the same rank as I me (1st gup).

  • Bad:  We both attempted the same round-house kick to the other's head, using opposite feet.  The collision was painful for both of us, with she likely to be very bruised, and me getting blood on my dobok pantleg.

    We wear shin guards, and the stitching across the top of mine was the abrasive that caused the damage, after her knee and mine impacted.
  • Worse:  The gal is the same one who is not-so-secretly in a romantic relationship with the instructor, which means I will likely pay for whatever bruising she will develop. 
  • Worse still: This is the gal who scraped my collarbone in July, a fact which upon learning prompted my MBH to observe: you've studied karate all these years, and yet you get injured twice by a girl.
The upside?  Had we both not attempted the same kick using the correct form, we wouldn't have collided.

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