Monday, September 29, 2008

What price for a farewell?

The big boss, the present Division Head who was once the Project Lead that rescued me from the hell that was my last job (why I called it hell can be read about  here, or here) announced last week he's leaving the company.  He's recently divorced, has 4 kids - the oldest of whom is 16, so college is not far - so he's decided to move on to make more money.

My hat's off to him.  The man has been more than fair over the last 4 years, and has been a good buddy (as far as any manager can/should be).   I wish him well, and hope to remain in touch with him (hey! he may have a position for me soon!)

Here's the dilemma: the farewell lunch.

I don't enjoy these sort of events, because they're contrived.  The guest of honor is given a lunch by a dozen or more of his peers (or in this case, subordinates) wherein if you aren't sitting adjacent to the person, she/he can't converse with you, so you may as well NOT be there.

When I left my last job (not the one I left for this one, but rather the one that I was laid-off from), I went out to lunch with 3 times, with a group of no more than 3, because that way we could all converse and laugh and enjoy ourselves.  Now I realize that not everyone can manage such a feat when you have about 2 dozen subordinates, but in the case of peers it makes sense to me.

And it does in my boss' case as well. 

That, plus the lunch is planned to cost $25.  Um, excuse me, this guy is leaving for a better job!  He should be taking us out to lunch!  

Ultimately, because I do respect the man, I may resort to cutting into my budget and buying in, but I certainly won't enjoy it...

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