Friday, September 05, 2008

So Charlie... whatever happened to that Challenge??

Wrapping up the HUNDRED PUSH-UP CHALLENGE .... (see results of week one, week two, week three, week four and week five )

Wow... I can't believe my first post on this topic was in July.   Yeah, I can read a calendar, and I can count 6 weeks, but it seems so much more time has passed.

The last 2 weeks have been hectic, not in the least because I've stayed up later than usual because of the Conventions.   So on top of my crazy work/commute hours, Boy Scouts, Karate, and Baseball, I have been getting ~4 hours of sleep each night (M-F),  I've been striving to perform 100 push-ups in a row.

Oh yeah.  

Last week, was the end of week 6, and I was supposed to be kick-butt, big time, with the push-ups. 

I did ok.

Unlike the end of week 5, I did not fail meeting the required number of reps in each set.  I did, I confess, take longer rest breaks than I was supposed to - not that doing so is wrong, but it isn't in line with the recommended plan.   After completing the 3rd day last Friday, I was supposed to rest for 2-3 days and test myself at performing 100 consecutive push-ups.

Well .... I haven't taken that test yet.  I had debated retaking weeks 5 & 6 over, since I believed I should have been hitting the numbers in each set a lot better than I had been.    I pondered it over the last weekend, and decided I would see how well I could do my test.

Monday was a holiday (lame excuse), and in spite of my personal pledge, I didn't do it at home.   Then the rest of week was a wash-out from exhaustion (another lame excuse).   I do my push-ups at work, because I leave the house before 05:00, and am not likely to do a work-out before my coffee!  And since I do my taekwondo work-out at least 2x each week, I am not likely to work-out at home in the evenings.  So I will see to the 100 push-up test this weekend, tomorrow in fact, and decide accordingly if I should retake weeks 5 & 6.

HOWEVER,  I did this challenge at the suggestion of Derek Semmler (who hosts a terrific blog),  and so I used the promotion of his Push-Up Challenge as one of those carrot-and-stick methods to keep myself dedicated to the task since I blogged about it.

It never once occurred to me I could win his challenge.    But I did.   No one is more surprised than I am!   Many thanks go to for his inspiration (passive or otherwise) and for being so magnanimous as to offer such a competition with prizes!

The problem I now face is that I have strictly maintained my anonymity in my blog.      

I'll need to think about how I will handle this.... but by all means, please pay a visit to Derek's very fine blog.

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